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Apply for a green card with our help.

A green card, or Permanent Resident Card, is an identifying document that signifies a person’s status as a lawful permanent resident of the United States. If you have a green card, you can legally live and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis, as long as you comply with certain residency requirements and do not commit actions that could lead to your permanent residency revocation.

Get Green Card in Durham, North Carolina

Getting a green card is often considered a stepping stone to becoming a U.S. citizen. After you get a green card and maintain continuous residence for a certain period of time, as well as meet other requirements, you can apply for naturalization to become a citizen.

In order to get a green card, there are many requirements you must meet, and navigating the application process can be overwhelming. You need a legal advocate on your side—someone who knows the constantly changing rules and regulations. Turn to us at Barbarin Law Group PC. We serve the Durham, North Carolina area and individuals seeking citizenship or permanent resident status throughout the entire state as well as nationwide.

If you want to get a green card, we recommend not trying to move through the process alone. Our diligent, compassionate staff can guide you through the process and ensure your application is submitted with all necessary details to process your request.

If you are ready to get a green card, our law firm is ready and waiting to help with all phases of the process. To set up a consultation with our legal team and learn more about what it takes to get a green card, contact us today.

At Barbarin Law Group PC, we help clients get green cards in North Carolina, including Durham, Raleigh, Moncure, Burlington, Fayetteville, Sanford, Siler City, and Chatham County.