What are the Steps to Becoming a U.S. Citizen? [infographic]

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While becoming a U.S. citizen can be a lengthy process, it is possible to achieve citizenship. Here is a quick glance at the steps you must take to become a citizen of the United States.

What are the Steps to Becoming a U.S. Citizen?

Step 1: Obtain a Green Card

Apply for your Green Card to receive lawful permanent residency. You can obtain a Green Card through family, employment, refugee/asylee status, and other qualifying categories.

Step 2: Maintain Eligibility

After you have a Green Card, you must uphold your continuous residence in the U.S. You should also abide by all U.S. laws and avoid taking any extended trips abroad during your Green Card period.

Step 3: Determine Eligibility

Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements for becoming a U.S. citizen. For example, you must meet certain requirements for physical presence in the U.S. and continuous residence.

Step 4: Apply for Naturalization

When you are ready to apply for citizenship, you must complete Form N-400. You must also submit additional documentation and fees.

Step 5: Attend Your Biometrics Appointment

Following the submittal of Form N-400, you will need to attend a biometrics appointment. This appointment will involve fingerprinting and a background check.

Step 6: Attend Your Citizenship Interview

You will need to participate in an interview with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. During this test, a USCIS officer will test your knowledge of English and topics on U.S. government and civics.

Step 7: Take the English and Civics Test

You must pass the civics test and demonstrate your proficiency with the English language. Some people are exempt from this test due to age or medical reasons.

Step 8: Take the Oath of Allegiance

Following your citizenship interview and civics test, you will attend a naturalization ceremony. You will take the Oath of Allegiance and receive a Certificate of Naturalization.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Rights as a U.S. Citizen

Congratulations! After you become a U.S. citizen, you can vote, obtain a U.S. passport, and sponsor family members for immigration.