Think You Know What a Citizenship Attorney Does? Read This

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When people think about what a citizenship attorney does, they might only picture filling out forms and going to interviews. But the truth is much more complicated and important. At Barbarin Law Group PC, we help you navigate the complex and nuanced citizenship process.

Think You Know What a Citizenship Attorney Does? Read This

Our team offers:

  • Expert Legal Advice. During the immigration process, a citizenship attorney advises clients about the ins and outs of immigration law and helps clients avoid common mistakes that could cause delays or rejections.
  • Dealing with Difficult Cases. If you have a criminal record or have broken immigration rules, you need a citizenship expert immediately. We know how to handle these tricky situations and make your best case.
  • Getting and Reviewing Applications. Filling out forms is part of the process, but how well you do it counts. A citizenship attorney will make sure that applications are complete, correct, and presented in a way that makes it more likely that they will be accepted.
  • Representation at Interviews and Hearings. Lawyers often go to interviews and hearings with their clients to help and advocate for them. Clients may feel more at ease with this person being there, which helps protect their rights throughout the process.
  • Delays and Appeals. If problems happen, like delays or denials that were not expected, a citizenship attorney can handle appeals and find answers. We do everything we can to keep making progress in a slow process.

Our skilled citizenship lawyers know how important each step is to become a U.S. citizen. We are dedicated to giving our clients personalized support and legal help so they can reach their American dream. Being a citizen is more than just a legal position. It’s a journey to fully joining American society, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.