Questions You Should Ask Your Family Immigration Lawyer

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Your family immigration lawyer is a valuable person to have on your side as you go through the immigration process. When you reach out to us at Barbarin Law Group PC, we will be happy to answer all your questions about what lies ahead for your case.

Questions You Should Ask Your Family Immigration Lawyer

As part of this process, we also encourage you to ask certain questions of us. Here are a few questions we recommend asking your family immigration lawyer:

  • Can you assess my eligibility? When you meet with us for the first time, describe your immigration situation to us. At this point, we can help you determine which type of immigration status you will qualify for, whether this is for a visa, a green card, or citizenship.
  • What is my estimated timeline? We know that when you start the immigration process, you want to know how long it will take. During our initial consultation, we may be able to give you an estimated timeline for your individual case.
  • What documents do I need to obtain? A big part of immigration is filling out a variety of forms and submitting the proper documentation. Ask us what kind of documentation you will likely need, so you can start gathering this information right from the beginning.
  • How will you handle complications with my case? Challenges can arise during the immigration process. Immigration laws and practices change regularly. We stay on top of the changes and the practices in the world of immigration law. We would be happy to tell you how we will handle delays or challenges with your immigration case.

We are committed to your case and your future as your family immigration lawyer. To set up your initial consultation, reach out to us today.