How We Helped an Incredible Man Named Ahmed Avoid Deportation

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At Barbarin Law Group, we help individuals navigate the often confusing and difficult immigration process. Many of the cases we work on involve heart-wrenching tales of struggle and almost impossible circumstances. One of the cases that stands out to us and that we look back on frequently is one involving a man named Ahmed who is originally from Liberia.

How We Helped an Incredible Man Named Ahmed Avoid Deportation

Ahmed’s brother turned to us right before Halloween in 2008 and let us know that Ahmed had been arrested and that there was no identifiable reason for his arrest. Ahmed was being held in jail and had a long history of dealing with immigration practices and procedures to maintain his legal status here in the country.

After escaping Liberia and fleeing to Sierra Leone as a refugee, he narrowly escaped being killed in his home country n the mid-nineties. Following multiple attempts to correct his immigration status over the years, he consistently ran into roadblocks, despite his best efforts and diligence with obeying the law. Several immigration lawyers told him that they could not do anything further for him.

When we first met Ahmed, we knew that ICE could deport him at any time, so we raced against the clock to help him get out of jail and secure his status in the U.S. With limited financial resources and after spending countless time and money filling out applications, Ahmed was unaware that there was a warrant out for his arrest and was blindsided by his arrest in 2008.

Ahmed’s story is one of extreme trial, but it does end in triumph. We encourage you to read Ahmed’s entire story, and we hope that it has the same impact on you that it did on us, even all of these years later.